Smart Destination

Towards a lively tourist destination, continuous improvement and sustainability are our main values.

Finestrat has been chosen to start working on the project that aims to turn the municipalities of the Valencian Community into intelligent enclaves based on technological innovation, sustainability and integral accessibility.

To carry out this project, we have the collaboration of the Agencia Valencina de Turismo, through the Instituto Valenciano de Tecnologías Turísticas (Invattur).

Being an intelligent tourist destination means using technology in a particular way in each area to get to know the users, to know where they are and how they are using the urban and natural spaces of Finestrat better.

The Plan Director de Finestrat as DTI has been made based on the LEAN methodology, which means to develop simple actions, evaluate them, learn and act based on those results.


We want to be a sustainable destination that improves the quality of life of residents and optimizes the experiences of tourists and improves decisions by the collection of data in real time.



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