Governance, active tourism, sustainability, rehabilitation, connectivity, intelligence, improved experiences

We have defined Finestrat as a natural sustainable destination. Applying intelligent management that involves using technology in a particular way in each area to better understand users, to know where they are and how they are using Finestrat’s urban and natural spaces. We are going to develop a diversified offer based on the following fundamental lines

  • Smart Office creation
  • Improves services and connectivity in La Cala area
  • Active tourism at Puig Campana
  • Rehabilitation and improvement of Town centre
  • Connectivity and Big Data at the shopping area
  • Promotion of tourist residential use

Area of la Cala

  • Public WIFI
  • Family tourism loyalty
  • Generation of new tourist activities
  • Sustainable management aquatic environment
  • Study tourist flow to others parts of municipy

Puig Campana area

  • Intelligent territory protection
  • Sensorization of natural spaces
  • Real-time information on the uses of natural resources
  • Efficient management and sustainable natural area
  • Creation of virtual resources for interpretation of the natural environment

Town Centre

  • Regulate and rehabilitate housing for specialized tourist use
  • Development of an ARI (Integral Rehabilitation Area)
  • Promotion of regulated collaborative economy
  • Connectivity in rural areas (WIFI, Fiber optic, 4G)
  • Dynamization commercial activity historic centre

Shopping area

  • Improved connectivity (fiber optic and public WIFI)
  • Big Data management for making decisions
  • Entrepreneurship laboratory
  • Pilot projects and learning clients / tourists
  • Generation of income to strengthen strategic plan

Smart Office

  • Implementation of master plan
  • Encourage public-private collaboration
  • Funds and grants management
  • Research, development and innovation
  • Continuous improvement